$MFT bug in windows 7 & others

A new bug has been found in older versions of windows like 7, 8 & 8.1, that will allow a malicious website to crash the visitors computer by just including a single html line in their website. Since Microsoft has officially ended support for these operating systems, it is hard to tell when/if a patch will be released. It is advisable to update/upgrade your PC to the latest software to avoid issues like this.

If you want to experience this bug(why the hell would you want that), you can save the contents of the following gist to a html file and open it on a vulnerable system, please be aware that by doing so your system might crash and become unresponsive, during my verification i found the bug to have no impact on the PC after i restart, however I dont guarantee anything, if you are trying this, you are doing at your own risk.

Now to the code

I have published this on my mobile, so please forgive my errors.